Entry Level, $300-$500

Students and Step Up

Lane & Edwards Violins proudly continues to remain independent, and we are constantly reaching out to find the highest quality examples in every category. This is extremely important for beginner and student learners seeking to maximize their potential for success.  From rentals to higher level step ups, your selection  is part of our shop's hand-picked cohort.

Our Entry level instruments range in price from $400-$499, and are generally packaged as an outfit with case, bow, and rosin. Used examples are sometimes available at lower price points.

Step Up, $800-$3000

The right step up is a great investment for the casual player and the serious musician alike. With greater versatility, these instruments open doors to the disciplined learner, and are trustworthy companion to the experienced player.

 Hours of Operation:  

Monday - Closed

Tues-Fri - 10am - 5:30pm

Sat.         - 11am -3pm 

Special Appointments by Availablitilty

315 Wallace Avenue Louisville, KY 40207

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