(AK.A., keep calm and call your Luthier)

Bridging the Gap

When and instrument needs a new bridge, we are ready with choice pieces of maple from Aubert, Despiau, and others. Aubert bridge levels consist of Student, #7, and DeLuxe. Similarly, Despiau differentiates its quality level as *, **, or ***. 

Bow Rehair and Repair

We are Louisville's first choice in bow rehairing and restoration services. Catering to the entire strings family of bows, including baroque style and antique bows. Need Black hair instead of white? Want a particular color? Feeling more Salt and Pepper these days? Our pleasure. Other available bow services:

Tip Repair/Replacement

Grips of All Types: Rubber, Sterling, Leather, Lizard, whale bone, faux whale bone

Bow Recambering

Pernambuco Splice for broken Stick/Head

Frog/Slide Replacement

Brass Eyelet Replacement

Screw/Button Repair, Replacement

By Bevel, Knife or Taper

Sometimes we must dwell on the small things.

Top Nut Repair/Replacement

Saddle Repair/Replacement

Soundpost Adjustments/Setting/Replacement

Endbutton/Endpin Repair/Replacement

Peg Repair/Replacement

Fine Tuner Replacement

Heavy Lifting

Family Heirloom, Precious Cargo, or Museum Quality Instruments; all will occasionally require more involved interventions. Each repair  is received with care, executed in patient effort, and leaves with our proud guarantee.

New Necks

Neck Reset

Fingerboard Regluing/Planing/Replacement

Top Removal

Crack Repair with Cleats

Closing Loose Seams

Broken Scrolls

Finish repair/protection: All types of finish work available. Spot Finishing--Total Restoration 

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Special Appointments by Availablitilty

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